Deck & Patio Coating

Brock Dock and Patio uses and endorses the following products to bring your worn decks and docks back to life without the cost of replacement materials:


is a low VOC clear acrylic sealer that is formulated to protect surfaces from the sun, rain, snow, and dirt buildup. SealBack can be used to treat soft and hardwood decking, composite decking, concrete surfaces, patios, sidewalks, and most vertical surfaces.


Encore Coatings is distributed throughout most of the United States and is rapidly growing international distribution as well. An organization formed by individuals with over 55 years of experience in water-based, polyurethane, and polyurea chemical formulations, Encore is uniquely qualified to provide solutions in a marketplace that is demanding environmentally-friendly, yet effective solutions to their maintenance issues. These products are on the Pier at the Statue of Liberty, Fisherman’s Wharf, the Port of San Francisco and Los Angeles, the Florida National Seashore, water and other theme parks, and a host of other private and municipal projects. Encore offers a line of coatings and paint additives that can’t be found elsewhere. The entire product line is 100% water-based and VOC-friendly.


Old Sidewalk made new and up to 38% cooler with Cool™ deck coating!

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