Titan Screen

Titan Screen™ retractable screens provide shelter against insects, energy-efficient sun shading, climate control and rain/wind reduction. Windows and doors are a major source of unwanted heat gain/loss, so selecting a solar-rated fabric can reduce utility bills and 9f titan screensave up to 50% of the energy used to heat and cool homes.

Our Titan Screen™ Track System allows maximum versatility in tailoring the system to best suit your needs. Titan Screen™ applications in both residential, marine, and commercial structures are limitless. Many of our commercial applications include restaurants, hotels, yacht clubs, factories and warehouses.


Keeping the screen in the titan screen in windy conditions was one of the primary design targets of Titan Screen™, engineered in South Florida, where winds are continually a factor. The Titan Screen™ track was designed with two aluminum halves. The rear half incorporates the zipper track. The zipper track is part of the rear extrusion and cannot be removed.

Brock Dock & Patio partners with Titan Screens for awnings, storm protection, ornamental railings and protective screen and fabric enclosures to homes, docks and businesses. Their automatic screen shades for docks and patios help make your outdoor world cooler and more bug free.

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