The Team

Our History

Brock Dock and Patio has Texas roots that go back several generations. Family Western Photo 2014 001The Brock Family Settled in Texas in the 1700’s. Their patriarch lived in Central Texas and was the oldest man in America at 122 years old. See Isaac Brock

The earliest Brocks may not have covered the Mayflower with a Touchless Boat Cover, but there is a slight chance that a Brock somewhere down the line sold it, cleaned it, or repaired it. About two hundred years ago, the Brock family settled in Texas and, like most, began the search for good water. Mike’s dad, Steve, began selling boats in West Texas 50 years ago and was the #1 Cobalt Dealer in the Nation back in the 70’s.


The new generation of Brocks moved into Central Texas and no longer sell boats but sell products and services that help lake dwellers get more enjoyment out of their docks and patios. Their goal has been “to make outdoor life and boating better and easier,” said Mike Brock, president and CEO of Austin-based Brock Dock and Patio, LLC . BDP has been serving the Highland Lakes region of Central Texas for nearly ten-years. Brock, who spent most of his life in the boating business in Texas, shared the opinion of most boaters — “There has got to be an easier way to cover your boat!”

Today from Austin-Based, Brock Dock & Patio’s goal remains the same — to make outdoor life and boating better and easier!

Who Are We?


Mike and Tracey Brock

Brock turned this desire into a reality when he was introduced to Gary Elbers, inventor of the Touchless Boat Cover and president of Innovative Marine Technologies in Florida. The rest is history, as they say, and a few short years later, BDP became the Innovative Marine Technologies Top Dealer in the Nation. These covers are actually changing the landscape and “lakescape” of the Highland Lakes Region. Boaters cannot but notice the hundreds of Touchless Covers that have sprung up around the Highland Lakes.

But it hasn’t stopped there. In the last few years, BDP has created significant partnerships and now offers a full line of products and services including decking and deck overlays, misting systems for cooling and for pest control, automated dock shades, and even regular cleaning services for boats, docks and decks. 

Dell Harrington recently merged his construction business with BDP and now serves as Chief Operations Officer and oversees all the installations and service. Dell brings over 30 years of experience in the areas of construction and remodeling. He also has spent 25 years as safety consultant for Halliburton Energy Service and the Texas Association of School Boards. Dell puts the “Q” in Quality for all BDP jobs!